About us

Proudly serving San Diego for over 20 years. Locally owned and operated.

Thompson Distributing was established in 1999 by owner and operator Jerry Thompson. Family owned and operated with the goal of providing excellent goods and services through out San Diego County.

Jerry was born and raised in San Diego. He learned from a very young age, the value of hard work and loyalty, working for a San Diego Distributor . With great work ethic he was able to build the company we know today.

Thompson Distributing offers a variety of products ranging from Dairy Products to Deli Meats and Juices. We proudly serve many Stores, Schools, Restaurants, Coffee shops, etc. We believe in quality products and proudly Distribute Local Hollandia Diary products as well as many other well know items such as Dutch Farms, Naked Juice, Tropicana, etc.

We strive to give our customers the best customer service possible by treating our customers as if they were not just another customer we serve, but as if they are Family.